Filling liquids in pressure gauges: Usage and advantages

Liquid-filled pressure gauges are used in applications that involve high dynamic shock and vibration loading. Massive filling liquid dampens the vibrations that occur and thus takes the load off the mechanical the different parts of the pressure gauge. Private with filling liquid ? model 213.53Use of filling liquidsAccording to the operating conditions, glycerine-water mixtures or … Read more

Force transducer: making air traffic cleaner

Pioneering technology in the struggle against climate change: tecsis will contribute towards reducing the ecological footprint of flights. As part of the European ?Clean Sky? programme, the force specialists within the WIKA Group are collaborating with Liebherr Aerospace to develop a force transducer ideal for aerospace applications.EU project: Force transducer for electric drivesThe project presents … Read more

Heat dissipation

?At best, a thermometer only ever measures its temperature?. The aim is therefore to equalise the temperature of the sensor element to that of the medium to be measured. Only then will the thermometer display the actual medium temperature.Principles to be consideredThe heat always flows from the warmer body to the colder oneBodies at different … Read more

Connection diagram of PNP and NPN transistor outputs for electronic pressure switches

Manufacturers of electronic pressure switches often offer both PNP and NPN switching outputs. Here is a brief explanation how the two different outputs should be connected.In principle, both are bipolar transistors in which only the internal arrangement of the pn transitions differs. This is why the load must be connected differently to the transistor outputs.PNP … Read more

Training at WIKA Switzerland really is a great thing

Ten percent of all those who work at WIKA Switzerland are in training. Their designation is “apprentice”. Currently, Insult are growing into nine different professions. For the Hitzkirch subsidiary, they are the future of the industry – the corporate commitment is correspondingly high.Training at WIKA Switzerland really is a great thing. The individual training courses … Read more

Selection criteria for the prevention of moisture-related failures of submersible pressure transmitters or level probes

Submersible pressure transmitters as well known as level probes are intended to be used in immersion applications, thus they are immersed completely into the medium and, therefore, must withstand the properties of the media at all times.Both in water and wastewater treatment as well as in tank monitoring, moisture may enter through the housing of … Read more

Functioning of an AC resistance thermometry bridge

When a constant current is passed through a thermometer of resistance Rt and a set reference resistor of known value Rs, the voltage across them will undoubtedly be in direct proportion to their resistance values.The ratio of both voltages and therefore of both resistors, could be measured very accurately using high-precision voltage divider techniques used … Read more

Pressure monitoring in the pharmaceutical industry with a universal instrument

Pressure monitoring in the pharmaceutical industry is a demanding task with a wide variety of requirements. However, a corresponding diversification in instrumentation does not have to be an inevitable consequence. This is demonstrated by the use of a universal process transmitter from WIKA in the production of API (“active pharmaceutical ingredients”).Such active pharmaceutical ingredients form … Read more

Fields of application for pressure sensors 4 ? summary

In previous articles about the fields of application of different pressure sensors, I’ve described the special top features of the different versions. Pressure range and ambient conditions are decisive when selecting the right sensor for a problem to be solved.In Uncomfortable measuring ranges (e.g. < 10 bar), it is important to know whether a vented ... Read more

Hygienic pressure gauge: IP68 with cleaning from the outside

Vent valve rather than vent hole: With this option, the model PG43SA-S hygienic diaphragm pressure gauge is even suitable for pharmaceutical cleaning from the outside with particularly aggressive agents. The closed valve seals the inside of the pressure gauge relative to IP68 ingress protection. In this way, it prevents the penetration of cleaning media.In the … Read more