British vacationers to Thailand: Are you really covered? Travel insurance warning for medical emergencies

British tourists travelling to Thailand are being warned that their travel insurance insurance policies could not cover them within the occasion of a medical emergency. Most travel insurance just isn’t designed to cover life-saving operations or costly repatriation, Pattaya Mail reported yesterday.
The Association of British Insurers pointed out that 17% of all overseas claims are rejected as a outcome of lack of documentation, and the common payout for profitable claims is simply over £1,000. Insurers mainly pay out on small issues such as lost luggage or booking cancellations, somewhat than medical emergencies.
According to the award-winning weblog Travelbunny, insurance coverage failures are often because of the small print in policies, which is there to guard the company’s funds. For instance, in 10 highway accidents, five British tourists had been refused cowl as a outcome of they were not wearing a crash helmet. Two were taking part in hazardous sports similar to elephant trekking or bungee jumping. Two have been relying on British driving licences, which aren’t lawful in Thailand. One had been out of the UK for more than 30 days.
This has led a quantity of Brits to make crowdfunding appeals, with no less than 23 Brits (or their families) appealing for money prior to now six months to pay for medical treatment for traumatic incidents, and repatriation. Dollar of the instances concerned street accidents, with motorcycle or moped accidents being the most typical explanation for harm. After road accidents, falling from buildings and being mugged have been the most typical causes of injury.
The amounts requested in public appeals ranged from £25,000 to £300,000 with the average income received being around 10% of the marketed goal.
Not a single GoFundMe enchantment mentioned alcohol or narcotics as a cause for insurance denial, although nearly all of accidents occurred late at evening. Some Thai hospitals are reluctant to perform such exams as they don’t wish to wreck the possibilities of a profitable insurance coverage payout. However, insurers in a giant claim will want clear proof that there was no alcohol or substance abuse..

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