Pressure monitoring in the pharmaceutical industry with a universal instrument

Pressure monitoring in the pharmaceutical industry is a demanding task with a wide variety of requirements. However, a corresponding diversification in instrumentation does not have to be an inevitable consequence. This is demonstrated by the use of a universal process transmitter from WIKA in the production of API (“active pharmaceutical ingredients”).Such active pharmaceutical ingredients form … Read more

Fields of application for pressure sensors 4 ? summary

In previous articles about the fields of application of different pressure sensors, I’ve described the special top features of the different versions. Pressure range and ambient conditions are decisive when selecting the right sensor for a problem to be solved.In Uncomfortable measuring ranges (e.g. < 10 bar), it is important to know whether a vented ... Read more

Hygienic pressure gauge: IP68 with cleaning from the outside

Vent valve rather than vent hole: With this option, the model PG43SA-S hygienic diaphragm pressure gauge is even suitable for pharmaceutical cleaning from the outside with particularly aggressive agents. The closed valve seals the inside of the pressure gauge relative to IP68 ingress protection. In this way, it prevents the penetration of cleaning media.In the … Read more

What is meant by the “window” switching function with electronic pressure switches?

Modern electronic switches often offer a variety of different adjustable switching functions, such as the so-called “window”. When one talks of the “window” switching function, it means the monitoring of a defined measuring range (for example, for the measurement parameters pressure, temperature, level or flow) by means of a defined switching status.Generally, in most applications, … Read more

Unique: Diaphragm pressure gauge for pharmaceutical industry

Requirement and solution − The following example from China shows WIKA’s competence in the pharmaceutical sector: One of the biggest vaccine manufacturers in China urgently needed a safe and autoclavable pressure gauge in hygienic design for the production of an anti-Covid vaccine. Its task: Monitoring pressure before and after filtration where the finished vaccine is … Read more