Phuket farang provides 4,000 baht reward for lacking duck

A beloved pet duck has gone missing in Phuket, southern Thailand, and its farang proprietor is offering a four,000 baht reward for the one who finds and returns it.
A poster reveals that the duck is female and went missing on Friday, March three, from behind Wat Khanaen Temple close to Thalang Dog Hotel.
CH3‘s Facebook page Nai Krasae (“In the Trend”) posted a picture of a ‘MISSING DUCK’ poster pasted to a wall in Phuket, with the caption…
“Lost duck in Phuket. Farang asks for help to find it. There’s a reward of four,000 baht. Please don’t flip this duck right into a curry as a result of [the farang] loves it very much.
“Facebook user ‘Mtamdada Bankuan’ posted a picture announcing the search for a black and white Muscovy duck.
“The duck was raised by a farang within the Thalang district of Phuket province and disappeared. There is a reward of four,000 baht for whoever finds and returns it.
“The duck disappeared from the realm behind Wat Khanaen in Thepkrasattri subdistrict in Thalang district.
“The Facebook submit states, “Farang’s Maning duck disappeared. Near Wat Khanaen. 4000 baht reward. Don’t make it into a curry. Farang loves it very a lot.’”
If you might have any info on the whereabouts of this Muscovy duck (also known as “Maning Duck” in Thai) please call 0813406127 or 0808787399.
Just final week, a canine proprietor in the Kathu district of Phuket offered a 10,000 baht reward for their missing canine Nong Daew.
Last year, a cat proprietor offered a whopping 300,000 baht reward for her missing Scottish Fold cat Manee.
The massive cash reward despatched locals into a frenzy seeking the lacking cat. Components , Manee wandered residence on her own.

Muscovy geese (Cairina moschata) are a domesticated breed of duck that’s native to Central and South America. They are distinct from other breeds of ducks because of their giant dimension, distinctive appearance, and behaviours.
Muscovy geese are usually bigger than other breeds of geese, with males weighing as a lot as 10 kilos and females weighing as much as seven pounds. They have a distinctive appearance, with a big purple caruncle (fleshy growth) on their face and a pronounced knob at the base of their bill. They are out there in a wide range of colors together with black, white, blue, chocolate, and lavender.
Unlike Mold of ducks, Muscovy ducks are comparatively quiet and do not produce the loud “quacking” sound that’s commonly associated with ducks. Instead, they make a hissing or purring sound. They are additionally recognized for his or her sturdy flying ability and can typically be seen roosting in trees.
Muscovy geese are well-liked for his or her meat, which is leaner and darker than different breeds of duck..

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