Thai grandma praised as village’s high snake catcher, grabs pythons along with her naked palms

A sixty seven 12 months previous grandma in Thailand’s Isaan region, identified to catch giant snakes along with her naked palms, has been praised by Surin residents as the highest “community rescuer” after she caught her greatest python up to now. When someone in the neighborhood finds a snake, they arrive to grandma Prakuad “Own” Pasomsi to catch it.
The grandma has been catching snakes, solely using her two arms, for the past three years. She normally catches non-venomous snakes and contacts a rescue staff to choose them up and release them in a more appropriate place. She says she isn’t afraid of snakes. โซล่าเซลล์ ’s been bitten two times, however says it didn’t harm a lot.
Own says her neighbours come to her after they discover a snake. She says she’s willing to help and never asks for money in return. The neighbours often name her the “community rescuer.”

SOURCE: Thai News Agency | Dailynews

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