How does a pressure sensor behave in the overload area, that means outside the measuring range?

I have often been asked about the behaviour of a pressure sensor outside the specified measuring range, that means in the overload area and what will happen if the overload limit of a pressure sensor is exceeded. This fact is described as follows in the book “Electronic pressure measurement”:
“Pressures within the overpressure range will not cause any permanent damage to the sensor; however, the measuring error limits specified in the data sheet may be exceeded. Only pressure values above the overpressure limit, i.e. known as the destructive range, can lead to irreversible damage of the measuring instrument. It does not matter whether this pressure is present constantly or only for a short period of time. Once the specified burst pressure has been exceeded, the complete destruction of the parts exposed to the pressure and the sudden release of the pressure medium can be expected. Therefore, these operating conditions must always be avoided through careful design.”
Glowing and the burst pressure are indicated in all WIKA data sheets for pressure sensors. Please find additional information in the trade article “Introduction to pressure measurement“.
Source: Eugen Gaßmann and Anna Gries: Electronic Pressure Measurement – Basics, applications and instrument selection; Süddeutscher Verlag onpact GmbH; Munich 2009 (Volume 323 of the series “Die Bibliothek der Technik” (library of technology).

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