Mechanical pressure switches: What principle do they work on?

Mechanical pressure switches in compact design ensure safe pressure monitoring in, for example, pumps, compressors and mobile working machines. Regardless of the application, they function relative to the principle of the preloaded spring, with a diaphragm or a piston as the measuring element.Mechanical pressure switches such as the PSM01 (see illustration) are constructed in accordance … Read more

European champion in American football

Matteo Felli operates much lathe at Euromisure, a WIKA Group company in Italy. In his spare time, he could be a kicker for the Panthers Parma American football team. In his sport, our colleague celebrated a stunning success with the Italian national team at the 2021 European American football championship.At the end of this past … Read more

Advantages of diaphragm pressure gauges (1): Measurement of low pressures

Diaphragm pressure gauges are believed as specialists in the process industries. They come into play when Bourdon tube pressure gauges reach the limits of these performance. One of the benefits of diaphragm pressure gauges is the measurement of low pressures.Diaphragm pressure gauges can be recognised from the initial look: From the flanges below the case, … Read more

Diaphragm seals for stable flow measurement in deep seas

Diaphragm seals make it possible to adapt measuring instruments to even the most extreme conditions. One example is the deep-sea extraction of oil and natural gas. For offshore companies in this industry, a particular OEM company manufactures flow measuring systems using Venturi tubes and differential pressure transmitters. WIKA manufactures specific diaphragm seals for this purpose, … Read more

Unscrupulous: Faking the website of WIKA China

Trademark pirates won’t even stop at faking a website in order to distribute counterfeit products via the internet. WIKA has now also been affected by Elated – under the domain, a company from Shanghai faked the homepage of WIKA China.Faking the website was publicly denounced with Plagiarius disgraceful awardThe company’s Trademarks & Patents department, … Read more

Proof of intrinsic safety for an ATEX-approved pressure sensor

In the European Union, the ATEX Directive 94/9/CE is compulsory for plants or machines, in which hazardous substances are processed or produced. It states that only ATEX-approved instruments must be used in hazardous areas within Europe.One frequently selected explosion protection method for pressure sensors is intrinsic safety. An pressure sensor cerified for hazardous areas, i.e. … Read more