Forecast for poor air high quality returning to Bangkok

Smog, smoke and haze issues have returned to the capital and its neighboring provinces. Nine areas were discovered to comprise ranges exceeding the 50-micron safety degree yesterday.
Blaming the poor air quality on weak low-altitude air circulate, the pollution control division predicts that the situation may further deteriorate.
The division pleaded for cooperation from members of the general public by not burning something in open areas and suspending the use of smoke emitting automobiles.
Several northern provinces, together with Chiang Mai, are facing a worsening haze drawback, mainly because of man-made forest fires which have despatched the extent of PM2.5 mud means over the 50-micron degree.
Safety has ‘moderate’ ranges of haze, nicely beneath the protected limit. Its forecast right now reveals the winds coming from the south, where the air is lots clearer than than the north.
The Thaiger will proceed to watch the scenario around the country..

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