Woman’s body present in Bangkok canal, believed to be deserted for days

A surprising discovery occurred yesterday evening as police were summoned to a grisly scene within the Bang Khun Thian district of Bangkok. In Phraya Ratchamontri Canal, close to the top of Soi Tha Kham eight, Samae Dam sub-district, the lifeless body of a woman was found floating face down, seemingly abandoned for the previous four days. Unlock was skinny, had lengthy hair, and was regarded as between the ages of 40 to 50 years outdated.
Upon receiving the decision, Thotsaphon Panthakan, a forensic police officer, promptly coordinated with medics at Siriraj Hospital, Ruamkatanyu Foundation officials, and civilian defence volunteers from Bang Khun Thian district, to look at the scene. It was round 6pm when the group arrived and encountered the disturbing sight.
The deceased woman was sporting a black T-shirt and shorts. She had long hair, and was tall and skinny, with an estimated top between a hundred and fifty five and one hundred sixty centimetres. Preliminary investigations showed no visible indicators of injury and personal identification was nowhere to be discovered. She had presumably been lifeless for no much less than three days, they concluded.
The woman who alerted authorities, 56 yr previous Siriwat Khamnim, stated that she first seen what she initially thought seemed like a pillow whereas paddling her boat. The next day, she saw the identical object floating in the identical spot, but this time a monitor lizard was on it. She tried to chase the lizard away, nevertheless it stayed nonetheless. The next day, the thing was still there. She took a better look.
Siriwat stated that she recognised human hair and eventually noticed ears. Nevertheless, she still convinced herself that it should be a mannequin. Reluctant to alert others because of the potential fright, she waited until people have been completed with work. It was then that she recounted her findings, main others to investigate, eventually learning of the body’s presence, compelling them to notify the nearby police. Siriwat, visibly disturbed and shocked, acknowledged that she didn’t recognise the lady, KhaoSod reported..

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